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According to BECTa, this was the first site by an English Teacher from the UK for other English teachers, and it dates back to the early days of the Internet, when search engines were not very effective. It's had its day, now that one can Google for anything and expect success. It's also been superseded by innumerable and excellent dedicated lists and blogs - which is what I had hoped would happen.

I'm going to leave the content here until the end of 2006, as I know that the pages have a worldwide readership, but I'm not going to add any new content or maintain the links.

Many thanks for all the support and appreciative comments.

This site was maintained by Harry Dodds, a former Head of English in Oxfordshire, and now Senior Lecturer in Education and freelance in English and ICT. 
Includes the first part of the (unofficial) Language List Archive.

"English... includes and transcends all subjects. It is for English people the whole means of expression, the attainment of which makes them articulate and intelligent human beings, able to inherit the past, to possess the present and to confront the future. It is English in this sense that we must teach our children all day long, at all stages in their school life... " (English for the English, George Sampson, 1925)



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