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CIA World Factbook 1998

Mapping the Town - BBC Education What does the map of a town tell us about its past? Julian Richards takes a four part journey to look at why towns and cities have developed into what we see today, and how the map of the town has constantly shifted as people's needs change.

Multimap.com Just click on the UK outline map to start browsing. Or enter the name of a British city, town or village, street name (London only) or postcode to get a detailed map. You can then zoom in on any part of that map, just by clicking on the area you wish to see in more detail, or you can choose to look at a new area. There is a scale indicator at the bottom of the map; you can zoom in and out as you please.

Ordnance Survey - Britain's national mapping agency

m a p . c o m    Your Multi-Access Portal

British Antarctic Survey Home Page

6 billion Human Beings By visiting this web site, you will understand why the world's population has exploded in recent years and why it might stabilize during the next century.


Dave Wakefield's GeoNet

Bald Eagle GeoResources In this site you will find lots of Geography-related resources.Although I have set it up with UK students and teachers in mind, there should be plenty to interest anyone seeking Geography-related information

Introduction to Risk Assessment Sometimes risible, but useful for those planning field trips.

Discover Ltd. - Activities in France and Morocco

Evergreen Project Adventures For teachers and for students. Especially good on water. Clear and informative.